Annual Report of the Judiciary Shows Decline in Jury Awards in Tennessee Damage/Tort Cases

The Annual Report of the Judiciary recently released data concerning the disposition of damage/tort cases in Tennessee for 2013.  Of the more than 10,000 damage/tort cases concluded in 2013, only 4% went to trial, with 2% tried by a jury.  The average monetary award decreased significantly last year, representing the second lowest average in over 20 years.  Of the 438 cases that were tried last year, 151 of those cases resulted in no recovery for the plaintiff.

These numbers illustrate the importance of having experienced, aggressive counsel in personal injury cases.  It is important to have the right attorney, one has the knowledge, expertise and resources to take the case to trial, if necessary, rather than having an attorney who is just is looking for a quick and easy settlement.  Plucking low hanging fruit is easy – that is what the attorneys who advertise on TV do. On the other hand, preparing a serious injury case for trial is a serious undertaking, and it requires the highest levels of commitment, creativity and competence on the part of the trial lawyer.  At The Hamilton Firm we strive to provide just such representation to our clients and their families.  We prepare for trial, not just for settlement.

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