What is an Arm Worth?

In a shocking comparison of the differences in workers compensation benefits from state to state, NPR and Propublica just released a nationwide study, in conjunction stories on NPR’s Morning Edition radio program this week.  To illustrate, they compared the benefits available in Alabama to the benefits available in Georgia for the loss of an arm on the job, and interviewed Josh Potter of Ringgold, Georgia.  Josh lost his left hand and most of his forearm in an accident at Unique Fabrications in LaFayette, GA.  While he will never be made whole, he has been fitted with a remarkable prosthetic arm, and is doing well, considering the circumstances.  The financial adjustments have been very difficult, however, for him and his family as workers compensation benefits do not replace a paycheck.  He fortunate that the accident did not happen in Alabama, however, where an amputated arm was only worth $49,000.

Click here for the full story on Josh.

For the full report, “The Demolition of Workers’ Comp”, prepared by Michael Grabell of Propublica and Howard Berkes of NPR, click here.

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