What Kind of Disability Benefits Can I Get?

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Disability Law

If you are unable to work due to an injury, illness or disability, you may be eligible for disability benefits.  If you were employed, but are now unable to work, you may be eligible for disability benefits through a disability insurance policy.  Many people have disability insurance through thier employer.  A short term disability (STD) plan may be available, as well as long term disability (LTD) plans, either through the employer or through private disability insurance.  The type of benefits available will depend on the terms of the policy and its definition of “disability”.

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You may also be eligible for Social Security disability benefits if have an injury, illness or disability that is expected by medical professionals to last for at least one year.  Social Security retirement and disability benefits are funded by the taxes paid by employers and employees.  Generally if you have worked five out of the ten years prior to becoming disabled, you will qualify for regular Social Security Disability Income benefits or SSDI.   If you do not have worked enough to qualify for SSDI, you might still qualify for SSI, or Supplemental Security Income benefits.  SSI is a needs based program administered by the Social Security Administration.

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Do I Need a Laywer?

The rules and regulations governing Social Security are very complicated and confusing. Studies have shown that those individuals with a lawyer have a better chance of success than those who do not obtain representation. At The Hamilton Firm, we have helped many deserving clients obtain the benefits they deserve. Every case is different, but we have been able to obtain Social Security benefits for more than 90% of our clients. When it comes to matters of law and matters of dispute, it is always better to have a licensed and experienced attorney to help you make your case.

If your claim for long term disability (LTD) benefits is denied by an insurance company, it is very important to seek legal representation as soon as possible.  Typically there are time limits for appealing the denial, and eventually, you will be afforded the opportunity to file a lawsuit.  Do not wait until it is time to file a lawsuit before contacting an attorney.  Waiting can be a serious mistake, particularly if the claim is governed by federal law (ERISA).  Consulting with an attorney at the early stages of a long term disability case can be outcome determinative, as an attorney can help ensure that appropriate evidence is submitted at the administrative level of the claim process.  Failure to obtain and submit proper evidence and documentation prior to litigation can be the difference between winning and losing the case in court.

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