Federal Judge Dismisses Some Spill Suits Against TVA.

In a story that appeared in several publications, the AP /New York Times (8/4, Subscription Publication, A16) reported, “A federal court further limited lawsuits seeking damages from the Tennessee Valley Authority for its huge spill of toxin-laden coal ash, but the judge ruled that claims related to property damages and reduced property values would to go to trial.” The article noted that “the lawsuits involve a dam collapse that spilled 5.4 million cubic yards of sludge in the Emory River and onto surrounding land in Roane County west of Knoxville on Dec. 22, 2008.” According to the report, “the order, by Judge Thomas Varlan of Federal District Court on Tuesday, granted the TVA’s motion to dismiss claims for personal injury, emotional distress and inverse condemnation.”
In a longer version of the story that appears in the New York Times, the AP (8/4, Poovey) adds, “while TVA since the spill has purchased almost 900 acres for $47 million and signed deals that include owners promising not to sue, hundreds of people who feel they have suffered losses have stakes in the court fight.”

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