Serious Injury

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Accidental injury or death can have devastating physical, emotional and financial consequences for the victim and his or her family.

If the accident was not your fault, you may be able to obtain financial compensation for bodily injury, impairment, disability, pain and suffering, medical expenses, loss of earnings, and disruption of your life. At The Hamilton Firm consultations are free and no fee is charged unless a settlement is obtained.

On the highway

Serious motor vehicle collisions continue to cause severe injury and death, despite widespread use of seat belts and availability of air bags, anti-lock brakes and other automotive safety features. Excessive speed and intoxicated drivers are the cause of many wrecks, but fatigue, distraction and inattentiveness take a toll as well. If you are injured in a motor vehicle wreck, and someone else was at fault, we can help. And, in any case of catastrophic injury or death all aspects of the situation require thorough investigation and consideration of all possible causes including defects in the highway, poor road design, vehicle defects or recalls and failure of a safety device. Various layers of insurance coverage may be available and must be explored, including liability, uninsured or underinsured motorist, as well as umbrella or excess coverage. If you have been injured in a collision with a tractor-trailer or other large commercial vehicle, click here.

At a business

Accidents happen in stores, restaurants and parking lots. Accidents, assaults and injuries can occur at apartment complexes or hotels. Businesses are generally required to maintain a safe environment for their customers, although such premises liability cases can be challenging. The owner or operator may deny responsibility and blame the accident on the customer or some unknown person. Get the help you need. Call us and we will investigate and try to determine who was at fault and whether an injury claim should be pursued.

In the hospital or nursing home

Unfortunately, hospitals and nursing homes can be dangerous places. Infections abound in hospitals. Surgical and medication errors cause permanent disfigurement, severe disability and even death. Patients are dropped or neglected in nursing homes. All such cases against doctors and health care facilities are complex and difficult. Call us and confer with experienced counsel if you or a loved one is the victim of malpractice or nursing home neglect.

On the job

Injuries in the workplace are far too common. Workers’ compensation benefits provide basic benefits to an employee injured on the job, but are limited to payment of authorized medical expenses plus some disability benefits. For more information about workers’ compensation, click here. If someone other than the employer may be at fault in cases of severe injury or death, a third party case may be possible. For more information about third-party construction or industrial claims, click here.

Bisected by the Tennessee River, bordering Georgia and Alabama, at the junction of three interstate highways, including the heavily traveled I-75 corridor, Chattanooga, Tennessee is both a historic railroad town and a modern transportation hub.  I-24 begins in Chattanooga running northwest toward Nashville, TN.  I-59 also begins just outside Chattanooga and runs south toward Birmingham, AL.  To the south, toward Atlanta along I-75, lies Dalton, GA a world center for the carpet and flooring industry. Chattanooga’s diversified economy includes the Volkswagen North American assembly plant, as well as insurance giants Blue Cross Blue Shield and Unum.  Chattanooga is also a major tourist destination attracting millions of visitors each year.  As a result, The Hamilton Firm LLC focus much of its work on representation of persons injured in trucking and transportation related cases as well as serious workplace injury cases.

Chattanooga is the headquarters for two of the nation’s major trucking companies, U.S. Xpress and Covenant Transport. And as crossroads city, Chattanooga ranks first in the nation among all metropolitan cities for the volume of freight moving through the city by truck (according to a recent freight study by Cambridge Systematics and reported in the Chattanooga Times Free Press). Problem areas include the interchanges as well as the entire section of I-24 from I-59 to I-75, and I-75 north to Cleveland, TN. Tractor trailers, while essential to a thriving economy, also present great risks to the traveling public if not operated safely by well trained professional drivers with well maintained equipment.

Chattanooga is also a rail hub for Norfolk Southern and CSX railroads.  Travel, transport and commerce by water, rail and road are essential to our lives and economy, but all the economic activity also brings traffic and congestion, which can lead to more wrecks, accidents and injuries.  This can be a volatile mix when combined with the high freight volume on tractor trailers traveling through or originating in the area.