Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

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Traumatic brain injuries pose significant challenges for the victim, as well as the victim’s family and his or her lawyers. Personality changes, impairment of the senses, such as sight or smell, and loss of memory are just some of the many consequences of a traumatic brain injury. Sometimes the effects or symptoms of a brain injury are subtle, other times they are obvious and devastating.

The lawyers at The Hamilton Firm have obtained millions of dollars for brain and spinal cord injury victims and their families. And, years of experience working with physicians, rehabilitation facilities, group homes, neuropsychologists, social workers and other service providers enables our lawyers to help bring real quality of life improvements to victims and families.

Examples of Brain Injury Cases:

  • A pedestrian struck by an SUV as he walked along the street in a residential neighborhood, suffering a closed head injury with areas of subarachnoid hemorrhage or hemorrhagic contusion.
  • A child who suffered a severe head injury in a wreck, with a depressed skull fracture requiring a craniotomy and repair of the complex scalp laceration.
  • A motorist rear-ended by a tractor-trailer who suffered a severe head injury with temporal lobe and cerebellar hemorrhagic contusions and a non-depressed skull fracture.
  • A worker who fell from a ladder while on the job, sustaining a traumatic brain injury which caused ataxia, as well as slurring of speech, loss of memory and permanent disability.
  • A worker severely injured in a boiler explosion, suffering traumatic brain injury, subdural hematomas, depressed skull fractures, facial fractures, and extensive loss of consciousness, requiring craniotomy, cranioplasty, eye surgery, and mandible and dental reconstruction.

Spinal cord injuries are also devastating. Motor vehicle wrecks, including rollovers, as well as falls account for many such injuries. Paralysis can range from complete quadriplegia to impairment or dysfunction in an arm or leg. Spinal cord injury victims may require special facilities and services, such as attendant care, an accessible home, a van with a lift, occupational therapy, and so forth. Such services and treatment are expensive and sometimes can be difficult to obtain. But, for a lawyer representing the victim of a spinal cord injury, the most rewarding moments come when the victim’s family can finally afford to buy a van with a lift, to hire attendant care and to equip the home with a proper wheel chair ramp. Spinal cord injury cases also demand the highest level of skill and experience a lawyer can bring to the case.