What should you look for when hiring a personal injury lawyer?

1. Has the lawyer handled cases similar to your case?
2. How many years has the lawyer been practicing law?
3. Has the lawyer tried cases and obtained significant results?
4. Has the lawyer lectured to other lawyers at legal education seminars?
5. Has the lawyer published articles in legal publications?
6. Is the lawyer highly rated by peer review services such as Martindale.com
7. How many cases does the lawyer handle at one time? In other words, does he/she have time to focus on your case?
8. Does the lawyer spend more money trying to get cases (advertising) versus investing money in the cases he/she is handling?
9. Are you hiring the lawyer you want, or is your file going to be handled by another lawyer in the firm?
10. Will you be able to talk to the lawyer, or will you be dealing almost exclusively with a paralegal?
11. What organizations and legal groups does the lawyer belong to and do those organizations relate to your case?
Those are just a few questions to consider when selecting a personal injury lawyer.