When an Accident Causes a Death, Contact A Wrongful Death Lawyer

Compensation May Be Available

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When an accident causes a death, relatives and family members have to deal with the financial consequences of the loss, as well as the devastating emotional and personal losses. In situations where the death was caused by the neglect or carelessness or someone else, we may be able to help. Our lawyers have years of experience investigating and pursuing claims for wrongful death in a variety of situations, ranging from deaths in the workplace to deaths on the highway. See Truck Wrecks.

Each state has different laws as to when and how a wrongful death claim can be pursued, and as to who can bring the claim, and each state has different provisions as to the damages that can be recovered. Generally, however, someone other than the deceased must have been at fault for causing the death. Although deaths on the job are generally covered under Workers Compensation, and therefore the employer usually cannot be sued, a third party may bear some responsibility and the circumstances should be thoroughly investigated. For instance, if a defective machine caused the death, the manufacturer of the machine could be sued.

Do not hesitate to call the Attorneys of the Hamilton Firm in the event of the death of a loved one under such circumstances, so that all aspects of the incident can be investigated and those responsible held accountable.